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Did/Trauma/Memory Reference List
Compiled by Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS

NOTE: Although this reference list is somewhat dated, we have chosen to keep it on the website because we still feel that it has value to the researcher.

This reference list was compiled over a six-month period in 1997. It covers a number of topics related to the false memory/recovered memory controversy, as well as the controversy over the validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder and the treatment of DID and trauma. Most of the references are dated from 1991 - 1997, the time during which the FMS debate has emerged. I used a combination of my usual reading plus Medline, PsychInfo and PILOTS databases to research the list. This was not meant to be a completely comprehensive list, but a representative one. Omission of any particular references was not intentional. For some categories, such as Amnesia in Sexual Abuse, I attempted to include all references I could find. The list is divided into subject categories. I wrote most of the annotations, though some of them were abstracts that came with the article. There is no particular reason why some are abstracted and other are not; time was the main factor in how many got annotated.I am hopeful that this list will be helpful to those who wish to write and/or research in the area; research is where we need to focus now. Also, I hope that any therapist needing help in FMS civil cases or board complaints may make use of the list. I also hope that other clinicians will use the list as a resource for improving clinical knowledge and subsequently, treatment.We will attempt to keep the list somewhat updated, and I am sure there are many references that are currently available that are not on the list. If you would like to contribute references (with abstracts, preferably), you may send them to me via email or snailmail at the following address:

Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS
Metropolitan Psychotherapy Associates
2801 Buford Highway
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30329

e-mail: KSteele180@aol.com  

Alphabetical index by author:

A-E     F-J     K-N     O-T     U-Z

Index of references by topic:

Traumatic Amnesia in Holocaust Survivors

Amnesia in Various Other Victim Populations

Amnesia In Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

Cross Cultural Studies on DID

Prevalence of DID

Validity and Diagnosis of DID

Outcome and Cost Analysis Studies on DID

Iatrogenesis of DID

Treatment of Trauma: PTSD and DID

Therapists' Attitudes and Practices

Repressed Memory Debate References

Pierre Janet on Trauma, Amnesia, and Dissociation

PTSD and Memory of Stressful Events in Children

Psychobiology of Trauma

Theories of Hypnosis

Suggestibility and Hypnotic Pseudomemory

Adaptation, Coping, and Resiliency

Attachment, Dependency, and Therapeutic Alliance

Emergency, Inpatient, and Group Treatment

Clinical Judgment, DSM-IV, and Misc.

Standard of Care Issues

Informed Consent

Statistical References

For Survivors and Loved Ones
For Helpers/Professionals
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Essential Readings in Trauma
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