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About Training

Training in Stress and Trauma from
Sidran Institute

Many adults and children who have experienced or witnessed violent or traumatic events suffer severe and disabling symptoms of distress. The developmental, emotional, and psychological injuries caused by violence and trauma are frequently underestimated. Our programs and activities focus on:

     • The early recognition and treatment of trauma-related stress in children, in order to promote healthy growth and development.
     • The understanding and treatment of adults suffering from traumatic stress to promote psychological health and recovery.
     • The promotion of trauma-informed systems of care in agencies providing mental health, counseling, substance abuse, or rehabilitative services in order to improve care and outcomes.

Our goal at Sidran is to create an environment in which advocacy and survivor self-determination can flourish. We provide educational programming in jargon-free language, make all training and workshops accessible for lay audiences as well as professionals, and eliminate the stigma-producing divisions that are often problematic in traditional treatment settings. At Sidran, there is no “us” and “them”—only “us”—and together we are committed to fostering growth-promoting relationships at all levels.

Who We Train:

     •    Family and children’s services
     •    Residential treatment centers
     •    Mental health organizations
     •    Sexual assault recovery centers
     •    Police/emergency service workers
     •    Parole and probation agents
     •    Peer support groups
     •    Psychiatric and medical hospitals
     •    Employee assistance programs
     •    Corrections and Juvenile Justice facilities
     •    DSS workers
     •    Homeless services
     •    Women’s services
     •    Substance abuse programs
     •    Schools
     •    Survivor groups

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say . . .

Fees and Costs

The Training Division of the Sidran Institute strives to provide a customized training program tailored to individual agency and group needs. Some of the trainings (depending on topic) can accommodate up to 100 participants. Please call 410-825-8888 to discuss how we can customize a cost-effective training specifically suited to your agency, group, personnel, and budget.

Discounts are available for bulk purchases of Sidran books.

Sidran Institute offers a wide variety of training programs in the area of trauma—choose one listed here or contact us to customize a plan that is right for your organization! Join us in exploring trauma issues . . . expanding your understanding . . . and experiencing healing. Visit our newest website about Risking Connection® Training

About Training
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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say
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